ABOUT Akeem Kalugalla

Artistic language and positions

Despite having been a student of Prof. Joseph Beuys (Europe's most influential innovator of performance art and conceptualism) Akeem Kalugalla's artistic language is closely related to early 20th century German expressionism and French fauvism as well as to the post-expressionist and post-modern art movements of the 1980s and later. Some also find a bit of a pop art strain in it.

The following artists Akeem considers most inspirational: Otto Mueller, Max Beckmann, David Salle, Eric Fishl, Martin Kippenberger, John Currin, Robert Williams, Richard Lindner.

Artistic subjects

Akeem is most interested in the quest of modern urban women for individual identity beyond the boundaries of convention and tradition. He incorporates the symbols and poses that women experiment with to express the attitudes and lifestyles that they try out.

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